YourRewardCard is an online platform developed for MasterCard and Visa reward card users. Users with a Master or Visa Rewards card can activate their reward card account at YourRewardCard.Com to enjoy the incredible benefits. Your Reward Card was previously referred to as My Reward Card.

Tip: If you are unaware of all the benefits, scroll down and read to know all the benefits.

After activating Your Reward Card, also known as MyRewardCard, you will be eligible to access your account on the YourRewardCard website at (formerly known as MyRewardCard.Com).

YourRewardCard Login

My reward card holders can access their YourRewardCard account by logging in only if their card is activated. If you have not activated Your Reward Card, see the subsequent section to activate it.

You can sign in to YourRewardCard account by following the guidelines below:

  • Visit the official website of YourRewardCard at YourRewardCard.Com.
  • You will see the section for sign-in. 
  • Enter the required card details, including the card number, expiration date, and CVV. 
  • Now, click the “Sign In” button. 
  • You will be redirected to your account.

Activate Your Reward Card at YourRewardCard.Com

You can activate your new Visa or MasterCard reward card via telephone or online from anywhere. Remember you must have Your Reward Card before starting YourRewardCard Com activating process.

Your Reward Card Online Activation

  • Search YourRewardCard in your browser or go to
  • Click on “Activate Card” on the home page.
  • Enter the 16-digit reward card number in the first section without spacing.
  • Then, put the expiration date mentioned on your Visa or MasterCard reward card. 
  • Now click the “Activate” button. 

YourRewardCard Activation Via Telephone

Those who received their cards from House Calls or whose reward card numbers start with 434340 or 538723 can call Customer Care at 1-833-634-3155 to activate Your Reward Card.

The remaining Your Reward Card holders can dial 1-844-560-2893 to activate their cards. 

After calling the numbers mentioned earlier, you have to provide the following details:

  • Your Reward Card number. 
  • Card expiry date.
  • Security code.

Once you complete this process, you will be ready to use Your Reward Card.

Check Your Reward Card Balance

To check YourRewardCard balance, log in to your Rewards account and view the remaining amount available on your Visa or Master Reward Card. Then ask the merchant to charge the exact amount on the reward card. Then use the other payment method for the remaining bill.

YourRewardCard.Com Balance Check & Activation Guide

YourRewardCard Information

Activation MethodOnline at the website
Reward Card Activation Link 
LanguageEnglish, French, Spanish
ServiceBalance check, transaction activity, manage reward card PIN
Eligible usersMasterCard or Visa Reward Card holders

YourRewardCard generally issues the prepaid Visa reward card in association with other firms, including ISP, DirectTV, or Dish Network. Also, you get a promotional offer of 100$ to 150$ if you sign up as a new customer.

You should know that whenever your transaction gets declined, Your Reward Card doesn’t have sufficient balance to pay your bill. And the vendors are also unable to check the funds present in your card for you. Therefore, you need to use the YourRewardCard portal to check the balance. 

YourRewardCard.Com Features offers amazing features to make your shopping experience better than ever before.

Set YourRewardCard Card PIN

Setting up your Card PIN is not necessary to use the card. However, for safety purposes, you can set a PIN. Enter a 4-digit PIN code when making a transaction through Your Reward Card. Then you will require to enter the same PIN to utilize the amount in Your Reward Card. 

Manage Reward Card PIN

If you suspect that someone knows Your Reward Card pin, you can always change it through the YourRewardCard portal by signing in. Additionally, with this feature, you can set a new card PIN if you forget the old one. 

Moreover, you can also delete the PIN if you don’t need it any longer. It will save you from the hassle of remembering your code PIN for every translation. 

Check Balance provides 24/7 access to your account through which you can check the balance in Your Reward Card at any time and from anywhere. 

Change PIN

Set or Change Your Reward Card PIN within seconds. 

Sign-Up Bonus

All new users get a sign-up bonus of up to 150$ for signing up for their reward card account for the first time.

Language Option made it easy for both US and Canadian users. The US customers can pick English or Español while Canadians can select either English or Français depending on their convenience. 

Moreover, the reward card itself has the following features

Wide Acceptability

Use Your Reward Card to purchase things online or in-store where the Visa debit card or Debit MasterCard is accepted. 

Spending Freedom

You can use Your Reward Card for paying utility bills, dining out, fuel, shopping bills and much more. 

Cash Back

Use any ATM to get the cashback from your Visa or MasterCard reward card. 

YourRewardCard Contact Details

If you have any problem using your card or have general queries, then feel free to contact the YourRewardCard customer care center. 

Contact Number: if you received a reward card via House Call, then contact reward card customer care at 1-833-634-3155, or if the card was received via other methods, then dial 1-844-560-2893 for assistance. 

The 1-833-634-3155 number is the YourRewardCard customer support phone number. 

Mailing Address: Reward Card Customer Care

Reward Cards, PO Box 826, Fortson, GA 31808


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions by our users.

How to use Your Reward Card?

You can use your Visa reward card or MasterCard reward card to make payments for your purchases and sign a receipt. If you choose a debit transaction, you must create and use the PIN for Your Reward Card. Learn how to change your card PIN in a later section. Whenever you use Your Reward Card for payments, the balance is reduced by the number of purchases, including taxes and other charges. You can continue using Your Reward Card until the reward card amount is greater than your bills. 

How to Get a YourRewardCard Replacement Card?

If Your Reward Card gets stolen and has some amount, then you must immediately contact YourRewardCard customer service and bring this to their notice. They will ask you to provide the reward card number and other necessary details to verify your identity.  Once, You provide enough information that you are the original owner, the company blocks the previous card and issues a replacement reward card, but its balance will remain the same as your old reward card.

How are refunds and returns processed on reward cards?

If you are entitled to any refunds or returns and agree to the balance on your card, your returned credit will reflect within 30 days. 

Why was my reward card declined even though it had sufficient balance?

Sometimes merchants hold an extra amount in addition to your original bill, and the reward declines when it exceeds Your Reward Card limit. 

What happens to the reward points when you return? 

When a purchase gets refunded, the reward points earned through that transition are reversed and eventually disappear from your credit record. 

Why should I activate my reward card?

If you have a MasterCard or Visa card, you must activate Your Reward Card through You will earn selling points or cash back on every purchase. You can also cash the amount in Your Reward Card through ATM.

Do reward cards expire?

No, reward cards usually don’t get expired. You can use them anywhere to make transactions until their balance gets zero. You can also cash your rewards through ATM to pay someone. 

Can I pay my bills with a reward card? 

You can pay your bills with the Visa or MasterCard reward card. Reward cards are widely accepted, so you can use them anywhere, even outside the US, where merchants accept Visa or Master cards.

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Final Words

We have discussed everything you need to know before using the portal. It will help you to activate your new reward card and to manage it seamlessly through the website. If your card gets continuously declined, then the only way to use it is to know your exact balance and ask the merchant if he accepts split payments. Plus, always keep cash with you when purchasing things with your Visa reward card or MasterCard reward card.