Are you curious to  “check Michaels gift card balance?” Even though there is little information on how to check your balance on a Michaels gift card. Here we will give you this information and more. 

This comprehensive guide will let you know how simple it is to find out your Michaels gift card balance. We will cover the two main ways of checking your balance on the gift card by Michaels: online and by phone. Let’s begin.

Check Michaels Gift Card Balance

Check Michaels Gift Card Balance

There are three ways how to check Michaels’s gift card balance. 

You can check Michaels Gift Card Balance by visiting a nearby Michaels store or  online at the Michaels Gift Cards website, or by calling Michaels Customer Support at 1-800-Michaels.

Let’s see how you can find out Michaels Gift Balance using the three ways.

Michaels Store

Visit a nearby Michaels store and go to a cashier. Ask the cashier to check your gift card balance. Give the cashier your gift card for scanning. The cashier will inform you of the balance.

Online at

You can check Michaels Gift Card Balance on website.

  • Visit the Michaels website at
  • Click on Gift cards Option.
  • Scroll down to check your gift card balance.
  • Enter your Michaels Gift Card card number (19 digits) and PIN.
  • Then click on check balance.

Customer Support

You can check Michaels Gift Card Balance by calling 1-800-Michaels or Contacting live chat support.

Checking your Michaels gift card transaction history is easy. 

Check Michaels Gift Card History

You need to call Michaels customer support via 1-800-Michaels and tell them you want your card’s transaction history or you can Check Michaels Gift Card History via live chat with a  Michaels customer support agent. 

Send them a message that you want to know the transaction history of your Michaels gift card. Next, you will receive your transaction history via the email you used while purchasing the gift card.

Michaels Gift Card Discount & Deals

Discounts and deals for you with a Michaels gift card will depend on your location or zip code. Go to Michaels official website and enter your zip code. As you do that, here are some of the Michaels gift card discounts and deals.

  1. 20% Off All Regular Price Purchases

This discount applies to those in the United States of America. The promo code for this deal is 22MADEBYYOU, and it is valid until 30th September 2022.

  1. 70% Off All Custom Frame Collections

Another U.S. discount is 70% off for all custom frame collections. This deal is available till 1st October 2022. 

  1. 30% Off One Regular Price Item

For you in Canada, here is a Michaels gift card discount you can use while purchasing items from a Michaels store. The 30% off one regular price item is active until 29th September 2022. The promo code for this deal is 30013022.

  1. 55% Off All Lifestyle Custom Frame Collections

The other Canadian Michael gift card owners discount is 55% off all lifestyle custom frame collections. This discount is available till 29th September 2022. 

Where to Buy Michaels Gift Cards?

There are various places where you can purchase Michaels gift cards. In this section, we will inform you of the places you can buy gift cards by Michaels.

  1. Michaels Official Online Store

Visit the official Michaels web store and click on gift cards. You will see various options, including e-gift cards, gift cards, and check balances. Click on gift cards, and you will be redirected to the next page. 

Additionally, you will view various Michaels gift cards and have the autonomy to select the gift card you want. Now choose the card value between $25 to the amount you wish to pay. Finally, you can select the number of cards you want.

  1. Amazon

The next place you can purchase a Michaels gift card is on Amazon. Go to Amazon and add the Michaels gift card to your cart. Furthermore, Amazon sells the standard type of gift card by Michaels.

  1. Staples

Staples is another store where you can purchase a Michaels gift card. It would be best to visit their online store to buy this gift card at staples. Additionally, the Michaels gift cards at staples have an amount limit of $2,000 because of anti-money laundering rules by the federal government.

  1. PayPal

Another online shop where you can purchase a Michaels gift card is PayPal. On PayPal, the minimum amount you can add to the gift card by Michaels you are buying is $10, and the maximum is $100. 

Once you are done with reading the terms and conditions and selecting the amount to be added to your Michaels gift card, add the card to your cart and checkout to receive your gift card.

  1. Michaels Canada

Do you reside in Canada? Then you can order a Michaels gift card via the Michaels Canada online store. Select the gift card you want and add it to your cart. Then add your personal information like name, billing email, shipping email, shipping address, and more.

When done, click ‘continue’ to finish ordering your gift card by Michaels. When you choose ground delivery, it will take up to four business days and costs $0.92. Express delivery takes one or two business days, and the cost depends on your location.

  1. Gift Card Granny

Gift card granny allows you to purchase a gift card from various merchants. Among the gift cards is Michael’s gift card. At this e-shop, you get to select a Michaels e-gift card, which is between $25 to $250 for a gift card. Therefore, get to purchase yours today.

How to Use Michaels Gift Cards?

There are two ways you can use Michaels gift cards. This section will explain how to use your Michaels gift card.

  1. Online

Get to shop and use the Michael gift card on Michaels online store. When you visit Michaels store, pick products and add them to your cart. When you are done, click on the view cart and checkout. Now click on checkout after confirming all the products are in the cart.

Enter your shipping address, go to the payment method, and select pay using a gift card. Next, enter your gift card number at the back of your card from Michaels and pin. Then, click apply.

So, you will be done shopping using a Michaels gift card at the Michaels store.

  1. In-Store

Are you going shopping at a Michaels store? Then remember to carry your gift cards from Michaels. After you are done shopping and at the cashier, give them your gift card for scanning.

If issues arise during the scan, inform the cashier to enter the card number manually. This way, you will have used your Michaels gift card at a Michaels store near you.

Lost Michaels Gift Card

Losing your Michaels gift card may lead to you having challenges shopping using your card. So, when it is lost, you cannot get it back. However, there are situations where you, Michaels, or your seller can replace your gift card. This is if you have the gift card’s number or a receipt. Though it has worked for a few, it is not an assurance that you will get your card back.

Michaels Gift Card Not Working

Do you have issues with your Michaels gift card? Suppose you are experiencing problems because of insufficient funds. 

If the card stops working, check the balance and see how much money is available.

Another issue for a gift card by Michaels to stop working is the wrong card number or pin. Suppose you are shopping and your card number or pin are not recognized. Then it would help if you recheck them and enter the details again. If it doesn’t work, call customer support at Michaels for assistance.

Michaels Gift Card Return Policy

According to Michaels, you cannot return a Michaels gift card. Therefore, if you won’t use your gift card, you will remain with it, and the amount will not be refunded. So, ensure you use your card for the last cent because you cannot return the Michaels gift card.

How to Check Michaels Gift Card Balance in Canada?

Here is how you can check your card balance for those in Canada who own a Michaels gift card.

  1. Contact Customer Care

To check your gift card balance in Canada, contact customer care via 1-800-Michaels. Give the attendant your card details, and they will inform you of the card balance. Another option is to have a live chat with customer care. 

Type a message that you want to know your gift card balance. Then send the card number you want to know its balance. When done, you will get to know your Michaels gift card balance.

  1. Online

Go to the official Michaels website and tap on gift cards. Enter your gift card balance and enter your nineteen-digit card number and pin. Check the reCAPTCHA to verify you are human. Finally, click on check balance, and you will see your balance.

  1. In-Store

Visit your nearby Michaels store and give your gift card to the cashier. Inform them to scan and check the balance of your Michaels gift card. If the scan is successful, you will know your balance in a few seconds. However, if there is an issue, instruct them to enter your card number manually to check the balance.

Does Michael Kors Gift Card Expire?

Some Michael Kors gift cards expire, and some don’t. Suppose you purchase Michael Kors classic or electronic gift cards in the United States of America on the official website. They won’t expire. However, other gift cards by Michael Kors expire after thirty-six months after the day of issuance.

Can I Use Michaels Gift Card at Hobby Lobby?

No, the Michaels gift card is available in the Michaels store and online shop. Therefore, you cannot use it at Hobby Lobby.

Michaels Check Gift Card Balance Phone Number

Checking your Michaels gift card balance via phone number is simple. Call 1-800-642-4235. This is the Michaels Store call number. Listen to the prompts to know your balance on Michaels gift card.