Check Safeway Gift Card Balance

If you are wondering how to check your Safeway gift card balance? Then you are at the right place. This post will cover all the related details to your Safeway gift card so you can use it without any hassle.

Knowing the Safeway gift card balance is essential before using it anywhere to avoid embarrassing moments. Especially if you own a Share & Care card, as it becomes difficult to track the transactions through two cards, you may not know how much and often your partner has spent, so you must check your card’s balance before using it to pay the bill.

How to Check Safeway Gift Card Balance?

Safeway gift card balance can be checked in 3 different ways. They are:

  1. Online Safeway website
  2. Visiting Safeway store
  3. Over the call

Check Safeway Gift Card Balance Online

You can check the remaining balance in your Safeway physical gift card by using these guidelines:

  • Go the official Safeway Gift Card Balance Check at
  • On the landing page, click the Visit Gift Card Mall link just below the “Buy Online” and Customize” options.
  • You will see the “Check Balance” button. Click it. 
  • You will be navigated to the Gift card balance and activation page.
  • Enter the required gift card details and click the “Next” button.
  • Now, click the view balance option to see the remaining amount on your gift card

Check Safeway Gift Card Balance Over Call

Another way to know about your gift card balance is to contact Safeway customer support.

  • Dial 1-888-413-5003 for a quick call to the customer support center.
  • Wait till the call gets connected to the agent.
  • Provide the details asked by the agent, including your gift card number.
  • Then ask him to tell you your current balance on the gift card.

Activate Safeway Gift Card Online

The Safeway gift card gets activated once the payment is completed. You can confirm the status of your gift card through customer support. If your gift card is not activated, then visit the store and present them with the receipt of your gift card purchase. They will sort out the problem.

What is a Safeway Gift Card?

Safeway gift card is a digital product designed to facilitate Safeway’s customers. It is available in both forms; physical and eGift cards. A Safeway gift card is neither a debit card nor a credit card. It can be used to purchase grocery items from the store. 

Sometimes, people get confused when it comes to using this gift card at Safeway stores. This happens because customers have little knowledge about managing Safeway’s gift card balance. 

Safeway made gifting a breeze by offering gift cards for all occasions be it a birthday, thanksgiving, wedding, or just for making your loved one feel special. You can either get a gift card for a foodie inside you or a Share & Care gift card for your friends or family.

Physical Safeway Gift Card 

The regular Safeway gift card is only intended to be used by a single person. You can either buy it for yourself or gift it to someone with a personalized message. The gift card can be bought for any value between 25$ and 200$. 

Share & Care Gift Card

Two individuals can use Share & Care gift cards by Safeway at the same time. You can purchase a Share card of any value up to 1000$ and gift a care card to your friend. Whenever any of these cards get used for purchases, the bill amount will be reduced from both cards. Similarly, when the balance is reloaded in the share card, it will also reflect on the care card. 


  • These cards can be purchased as a single item. 
  • You can gift any of these cards to anyone. 
  • Either card can be used to get the balance information or reload it.
  • These cards can be top-up to any amount between 5$ to 1000$.
  • The card can be recharged anytime, whether it has some funds or the balance is zero.

Check Safeway Gift Card Balance At the Store

It’s an old-fashioned method to inquire about your gift card balance but you can do it as soon as you enter the store for shopping. It will help you to sort your shopping list or to be prepared with other payment options. 

  • Use the store locator on the Safeway website to find your nearby store. 
  • On reaching the store, approach the cashier. 
  • Ask him to check the gift card balance for you.
  • Give your gift card to him.
  • He will enter your card number in the store’s database and tell you your balance.

Safeway Gift Card Balance Details 

Gift Cards TypePhysical Gift Cards, eGift Cards, Share & Care Gift Cards
Official website 
Gift Card ValueAny amount between 5$ to 100$ 
Purchase OptionsIn-store, Official Website, Paypal, Gift Card Granny, BlackHawk Network
ExpiryDoes not expire
Cash Back No
Safeway Gift Card Information
Safeway Gift Card Balance Check

Where To Buy Safeway Gift Card?

Safeway gift cards can be purchased through multiple channels but be aware of scammers and buy your gift cards through the following authorized means. 

  1. Buy Safeway Gift Card at Safeway Store

Visit any Safeway location and speak to the cashier. Tell him the type and the value of the gift card you want. He will provide you with a receipt of your purchase with the card. Make sure you keep the receipt saved as you will need it if you ever want to get a replacement card.

  1. Buy Safeway Gift Card at Safeway Website 

Visit the Gift Cards page on the official Safeway Store’s website at On this page, you will see the option to Buy online and customize your gift card. You need to click this button to begin your purchasing process. 

  • Select the amount from the options or enter your desired value. 
  • Below, click whether the card is for your or is it a gift for someone.
  • Enter all the details along with your customized message.
  • Then schedule the delivery from the calendar provided. 
  • After filling up all the details, click the “Add to Cart” button. 
  • Provide the billing information to complete the payment.

You can purchase the gift cards in bulk through the same page with up to 10% discounts. For this, you have to log in to your existing account or create a new one. 

  1. Buy Safeway Gift Card via Paypal

Paypal is another option to purchase Safeway gift cards. Simply open this link and select the amount of card you want to place an order. Provide all other necessary details before scheduling it. Then add to the cart and pay through your PayPal account. You will get an electronic receipt through email and the payment will get processed through your PayPal account.

  1. Gift Card Granny

You can also purchase Safeway gift cards through Gift Card Granny. All you have to do is to open the Gift Card Granny’s website and search for Safeway gift cards. Then click to purchase the gift card and provide the details to order it.

  1. BlackHawk Network

Blackhawk Network also sells Safeway gift cards. Visit the page and Click on the “Start your order” button. Then fill out the form and submit it. The team will contact you shortly.

Using Safeway Gift Card

The Safeway gift card can be used for shopping at over 1200 stores across the USA. Apart from Safeway, the card can also be used at other stores mentioned on it. You can use the card till its balance gets zero. If the amount on the card is too low, then you can ask the cashier to split the bill for you and pay the rest of the amount in cash.


Safeway Gift Cards are versatile prepaid gift cards only redeemable at Safeway and other partnered brands. You can get these cards from multiple places discussed in the article. No matter where you buy the gift card, keep the purchase receipt with you until all the amount in the card has been used up. 

How can I get a replacement Safeway gift card?

Show the receipt of the purchase to the manager at the Safeway store and tell him that your gift card has been lost or stolen. Then the store will provide you with a replacement gift card with the same amount you had on your previous card.

Can I get the unused amount back from the Safeway gift card?

No, the unused amount can not be cashed through any means. You have to use all the amount you have on your gift card. You can ask the merchant to split the bill for you for a larger bill. Most merchants accept cash as the second payment method so keep extra money with you.

Can I reload the Safeway gift card?

No, the Safeway gift card is not reloadable. This means you can not reuse the same card over and over again by recharging it. The card will stay valid only till it has some funds. Once, the balance gets zero, the Safeway gift card will become invalid.

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