How do I check Dick’s gift card balance? Suppose you are looking for this and related information about Dick’s gift card. Then you are reading the right article. Today we will inform you how to check your gift card balance by Dick’s sporting goods.

Here is how you should check your card balance., Let’s start!

Check Dick’s Gift Card Balance

You can Check Dick’s Gift Card Balance Online at Gift Cards | DICK’S Sporting Goods website, by asking a cashier at a nearby Dick’s Store, or call Dick’s Customer support at 877-720-6608 or 1-877-846-9997. Let’s look at each method in detail.

#1. Check Dick’s Gift Card Balance Online

The first method of checking your Dick’s sporting goods gift card balance is online. Visit the official Dick’s website, scroll down to service, and click on gift cards. You will be redirected to a new page. Scroll to check your gift card balance.

Enter your sixteen-digit gift card number and pin. Then click ‘check balance.’ When you are done, you will see the balance on your gift card by Dick’s.

#2. Check Dick’s Gift Card Balance at an Offline Store

Visit a nearby Dick’s store and go to the cashier. Ask the attendant to help you check your Dick’s gift card balance. For the cashier to check your card balance, you must hand them the gift card and ID. They will scan and tell you the amount remaining on your card.

Note: Find your nearest Dick’s sporting goods store here.

#3. Check Dick’s Gift Card Balance via Customer Support

The final method of checking your Dick’s gift card balance is calling the customer support team. Now dial 877-720-6608 or 1-877-846-9997 to contact customer support at Dick’s. During the call, be attentive to the prompts and follow them step-by-step.

Ensure you choose the prompt for checking your card balance. Then enter your gift card number, and they will tell you the available compensation after a few seconds.

How to Activate Dick’s Gift Card?

After purchasing Dick’s gift card, the next step is to activate your card. Here is how you activate your gift card by Dick’s.

1. Dick’s Sporting Goods Online

The first place you should go to activate your Dick’s gift card is at Dick’s sporting goods activating site. The first step is to enter your gift card number and email address. Then, click continue to finish the activation process.

2. In-Store

Go to a nearby Dick’s sporting goods shop. Next, ask the cashier if you want to activate your gift card. Then, you will have to give them your ID and gift card number. Additionally, you will tell the cashier your email address to ensure that they capture all your details.

How to Buy a Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card?

You can purchase a Dick’s sporting goods gift card in various places. If you are looking for one, here are places you can get Dick’s gift card for your friends or yourself today.

1. Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Cards Online Shop

When purchasing Dick’s gift card, or e-gift card, go to the official Dick’s website. Here you will get to purchase the gift card you want. When buying a gift card from this shop, the minimum amount you can load to your card is $5, while the maximum is $500.

Additionally, you can add a personalized message and select a shipping method that is ideal for you. Moreover, you can use this gift card to purchase goods online and from nearby stores.

As for e-gift cards, you can personalize them by adding your image, and after purchase, you will get them to your email address in minutes.

2. PayPal

Another platform where you can purchase Dick’s gift cards is PayPal. At PayPal, you can buy an e-gift card which you can use while shopping for sports apparel, goods, and footwear. Therefore, you cannot shop using this gift card at any store. You can also choose among three gift card amounts that include $25, $50, and $100.

3. Target

Target is another online store where you can purchase a gift card from Dick’s. You can receive this gift card via email or your shipping address when you buy it from Target. Get to select when making an order for the card.

4. Dick’s Sporting Goods Stores

Apart from Dick’s online shop, you can buy a gift card from Dick’s sporting goods at one of their stores. Find a nearby store and visit it to purchase a gift card for your friend or yourself. When at the store, select the amount you wish to load to your card for shopping, whether online or in-store.

5. eGifter

Get yourself Dick’s e-gift card from eGifter today. At this shop, you have a chance to buy an e-gift card by Dick’s for a friend or yourself. eGifter enables you to purchase a gift card for $5 up to $500. You can select an amount in this range depending on your needs. When you are done with payment, you will receive your gift card number and pin on your email address.

Where Can I Use Dick’s Gift Card?

There are various places where you can use Dick’s gift card. The first place you can use this is Dick’s sporting goods store and online shop. Here you can purchase your favorite sporting apparel, footwear, and accessories. This is for men, women, and children.

Another store where you can shop using Dick’s sporting goods gift card is the Golf Galaxy store and online store. At golf galaxy, you can purchase all golf accessories from clubs, apparel, footwear, golf balls, bags, tech, and many more. So, get to visit the golf galaxy store or online shop to use your Dick’s gift card.

The final place where you can shop using a gift card by Dick’s is at the field & stream store or online shop. Here you can buy hunting & shooting, fishing, boating, camping, apparel, footwear, and more.

How to Use a Visa Gift Card on Dick’s Sporting Goods?

To use a visa gift card on Dick’s sporting goods, you need to activate the gift card in-store or online. This will enable you to pay for the goods you purchase from Dick’s. Once you activate your gift card or you are sure it is activated, you can proceed to use it at Dick’s.

Now that you are ready to pay for your items. Go to the cart and select a complete transaction. Choose you will pay using a credit or debit card. Now enter your card number, expiry date, and CVV. When you complete this process, you will be done with paying for your items using a Visa gift card on Dick’s sporting goods.

Does Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card Expire?

No. Dick’s gift cards don’t expire. According to their terms and conditions, you can use this gift card until the amount depletes.

Dick’s e-Gift Card Not Received

Once you complete your Dick’s e-gift card payment, it takes two to three hours to arrive at your email address. Suppose you don’t receive it; you should check it in your email’s spam folder. Another reason that might cause this issue might be an invalid email address. So, check the email address you submitted if it is the wrong contact with customer support for help to receive your e-gift card.

How Long Does It Take to Receive Dick’s Gift Card?

The delivery of Dick’s gift card you select varies. When you purchase an e-gift card, it takes two or three hours to get a message on your email with the card details. However, if you select the plastic Dick’s gift card, it will take one or two business days to arrive at your shipping address.

Lost Dick’s Gift Card

Did you lose your Dick’s e-gift card? Don’t worry, as you can safeguard it from unauthorized users. When this happens, ensure you contact Dick’s customer support instantly.

They will help you to retrieve your card details and block them from use as they get them for you. If your plastic gift card by Dick’s gets lost, it cannot be replaced. Therefore, it will be gone, and you will need a new gift card.


This is all we had for you about checking Dick’s gift card balance. We hope you have learned about the vital details of Dick’s sporting goods gift card. If you have questions about checking Dick’s gift card, leave a message in the comment section, and we will respond instantly.