MyBalancenow also known as Www.MyBalanceNow.Com login portal works for both Visa & MasterCard Target Gift Cards and Prepaid cards.

Check Target Gift Card Balance | Login to MyBalanceNow


MyBalanceNow is an online platform to manage Target gift card issued by VISA or MasterCard. Login to to manage or check target gift card balance online. You can use your Target Gift Card to pay for gas, buy groceries, shop online, and more.

You can quickly login to MyBalanceNow account and check Target Gift Card balance online anytime by following simple steps. Provided you have the right credentials and can access the internet, logging into your Target Gift Card account is straightforward.

MyBalanceNow.Com Login

Here are the steps to login to MyBalanceNow account:

  • Visit the official or website. 
  • Indicate that you are not a robot and go ahead to pass the captcha.
  • Enter the required details on the MyBalanceNow.Com login page.
  • Complete the process by entering MyBalanceNow login password.
  • Once logged in, you can conveniently check Master or Visa Target Gift Card account balance. 

Anytime you want to check account, the process remains the same. It lasts only a few seconds, and you can check it anywhere at any time.

MyBalanceNow, also known as login portal can be used to check any Visa or MasterCard Gift Card Balance and history.

You can check Target gift card balance anytime, conveniently from anywhere. All you need is an online account that you can create by following the simple registration procedure. You can view Target Gift Card previous transactions and account balances with an account. 

Check Target Gift Card Balance

Visit the official website at and enter Target gift card details to check Target Gift Card Balance.

Note, however, that the activities you can do in account are not limited to checking balances and transactions only. You can access other services, including recharging card, managing your payments and others as you wish.

MyBalanceNow - Check Target Gift Card Balance

MyBalanceNow.Com Login Features 

Understanding the features and benefits of MyBalanceNow helps you utilize it well, so you enjoy everything you deserve. It is not just enough to understand the registration and login process. Here are some of its notable features you need to understand as a user:

  • As a user of the MyBalanceNow.Com login card, you can use it anywhere where Visa or Mastercard debit cards are accepted. 
  • You do not need to provide personal information since the MyBalanceNow.Com Visa gift card is neither debit nor credit, but just a gift card.
  • The Visa Target gift card is replaceable anytime without incurring additional costs whether it expires, is lost or is stolen. Note also that the replaced one retains the balance of the lost, stolen or expired card. 
  • With the Target Visa gift card, you can purchase food items as well as others either physically in the store or online. 
  • You cannot incur any hidden payments with destination voucher. The invoice amount you pay is deducted strictly from the total amount of user card. 

Notably, these unique features associated with MyBalanceNow are great ones you need to take advantage of as a user. With these in mind, you will never miss any opportunity that offers you a chance to use your card to purchase food or other items. But that is not all! There are many other benefits of using the MyBalanceNow gift card, including the following:

  • The ability to check balance online or act on any of your accounts 
  • It supports online payment, unlike other gift cards. It is also safe and secure 
  • You can easily make payments to many types of merchants using your card. 
  • Its map is easy to use both for you and others. 
  • You do not incur any maintenance fee for your card. 

MyBalanceNow.Com Sign Up Guide

As a Target gift card user, you must first register on the official MyBalanceNow portal. Once you register, you can view all the details and transactions related to Target gift cards. To register on the MyBalanceNow login portal, follow the following easy steps:

  • Visit the official website of MyBalanceNow.Com
  • Click the register button
  • Confirm that you are human or not a robot by completing a popup captcha 
  • Fill in all the necessary registration information, precisely the 16-digit target card number, date of expiry and the three-digit CVV card number 
  • Click on the register after providing all the data needed
  • Complete the process by creating a password for your account 

Arguably, you may not know the value or balance of Target gift card if it is not written on it or you have already started using it. That means you need to check its balance to know how much you are left to spend on card.

How Do I Find the Balance of My Visa Target Gift Card?

You can check the balance of Target visa card anytime online. Here are steps to follow:

  • Login to Mybalancenow.Com access Target account.
  • Navigate to where you find account or name.
  • Select gift cards or Target Visa Cards.
  • Provide the information needed.
  • That’s it. You can view Target Visa Card balance.

About MyBalance Now Target and Its Prepaid Gift Card 

MyBalanceNow Target is a retail chain in the United States offering various products. Its popular collections include sportswear, women’s and men’s clothing, among others. So, if you want some of the best pants, suits, jeans, shorts, cuffs and socks for men or women, you can easily find them at Target stores. You can visit the stores to purchase or buy online. 

In addition to its extraordinary collections, Target is widely known for its unique gifts, one of which is the gift card. Suppose you plan to find a perfect gift for someone as they celebrate their birthday, graduation, wedding or any other occasion. In that case, the MyBalanceNow Target gift card is a perfect one. 

Unlike other gifts, a gift card gives the person you offer the freedom to purchase what they love most. They will just walk into any Target store near them and purchase what they consider the best items for them. Further, note that a gift card is appropriate for anyone irrespective of their age group or profession.

MyBalanceNow Contact Details

You can contact the MyBalanceNow customer support team online at their website